Therapy for Parent Mental Health

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Parenting Is Hard!

I'm not just a therapist; I'm also a parent, and I get it- the constant chaos, sleepless nights, big emotions, the never-ending laundry pile, homework hurdles, screen time struggles, social pressure, financial stress, bedtime battles, mealtime madness, and school morning mayhem, just to name a few of the things that make it hard. You might even have a kiddo who is dealing with mental health struggles or maybe you have your own and that can add another layer of difficulty to parenting.

On top of all that, there’s the unavoidable parent guilt for not being able to handle it all, for yelling, for not being able to be in 20 places at a time, for not folding the clothes this week (or month or year), for not cooking a well-balanced dinner every night, for giving them too much screen time, for not giving them enough baths, etc., etc. etc.

Parenthood can be a wild ride, and it's okay to admit that it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, it's more like a thunderstorm, and that's alright.

There Is Also Beauty in the Storm

Of course, there are beautiful parts of parenting too- Hugs and kisses, snuggles, hand holding, silliness, tiny laughter, first steps and milestones, unconditional love, new adventures, proud parent moments, story times, and seeing the world with wonder and excitement through their eyes. 

They are definitely there, but sometimes these parts can be difficult to be present with and enjoy when we are lost in stress and overwhelm. I get that.

Other Factors That Affect Parent Mental Health

Let’s face it, when we become parents, other parts of life don’t stop. Difficulties that aren’t directly related to our kids or parenting will still show up:

Work stress

Relationships issues


Moving to a new home

Change of employment

Financial stressors

And all the other life stuff

When you have kids, you don’t, maybe even can’t, deal with these in the same way as you did before kids. Sometimes it probably feels like you can’t deal with them at all because you need to take care of all the other parent and life things. So, you stuff it down and ignore it. Unfortunately, that can end up coming out in other ways like losing your temper, irritability, shutting down, depression, anxiety, not sleeping, and fatigue to name a few; and chances are these come back to affect your parenting (cue parent guilt). So, maybe it’s time to take a different approach?

I’m Here to Help!

Guess what? Parent mental health is just as important as your child's well-being. “Wait! What did that just say?!” Yes, YOUR mental health is just as important as your child’s well-being.  When you're at your best mentally, you can give your best to your kids. That's where I come in. I want to help you with all of it, from parenting difficulties to dealing with other life stuff while being a parent.

What I Offer

Individual Therapy: It's just you and me, no judgment, no expectations. We'll dive into your unique challenges and work together to navigate parenthood in skillful ways so you can be the best parent you can be.

Online Therapy: Parent life is busy. That's why I offer online sessions. You can chat with me from the comfort of your home – no need to find a babysitter, or if you need to fit in an appointment in a work break you don’t have to figure in drive time, just time to find a private space. Click Here to read more about online therapy.

Group Therapy: Coming soon! Sometimes, it can be nice to connect with others with similar struggles as well as learn from them. If you are interested in receiving an email about details of upcoming groups, click here to contact me and let me know. Click here for more information on group therapy.

My Approach

I'm not about quick fixes. I believe in building lasting strategies to help you manage the storm. Here's a bit more about my approach, which combines the power of mindfulness-based therapy with practical CBT strategies to support this parenting journey:

Mindfulness-Based Therapy: Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, acknowledging your thoughts and feelings without judgment. For parents, this can be a game-changer. Through mindfulness practices and skills, I'll help you develop a greater awareness of your emotional reactions, stress triggers, and the power to respond rather than react. We'll work on mindfulness exercises that can be integrated into your daily life, providing you with a powerful tool to navigate the ups and downs of parenthood and other life stressors so that you can be the parent, and even partner, co-worker, or friend that you want to be. Click here to read more about Mindfulness-Based Therapy.

CBT Strategies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is all about identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors. In the context of parent mental health, we'll use CBT to address issues like parental guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety. Together, we'll explore the root causes of these thoughts and work on practical strategies to reframe them positively. You'll gain valuable skills to manage stress, improve communication, and boost your overall mental well-being.

By combining the wisdom of mindfulness with the practicality of CBT, we can create a holistic approach to parent mental health. You'll not only learn to cope with the challenges but also thrive as a parent, creating a positive impact on your own well-being and the well-being of your family.

Are You Ready to Calm the Storm?

Yes, it takes time and effort to do this therapy thing, but the return on investment can be more than worth it! I said it before, and I’ll say it again: When you’re at your best mentally, you can be your best for your kids. As parents, this is the ultimate goal, right? Let's navigate this storm together; I'm here for you, just as you're there for your little ones.

If you’re ready to start therapy for parent mental health so you can learn to navigate this incredible parenting journey with peace and joy, schedule your free 15-minute consult to find out how I can help.