Group Therapy

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Group therapy might not sound like your thing, maybe because you don’t want to share your problems with a bunch of strangers, or maybe you don’t want to hear about others’ problems (you do have enough of your own after all), or maybe it’s just not something you’ve every considered. These are all reasons that I’ve heard from clients for not being interested in group. However, in so many cases, when someone gives group a shot, they tell me that it turned out to be really helpful and even enjoyable. It can be a place to connect with others who have similar struggles and a desire to heal. It can also be really helpful to hear what has worked for others with those struggles.

Why might you consider group therapy?

If you feel alone in your struggles.

If you would like supplement your individual therapy.

If you like a structured, skills-based type of therapy.

If you would rather do something time-limited, rather than open-ended individual therapy.

If individual therapy is too spendy, group can be a great alternative.

If you are on a waiting list for individual therapy or have an intake scheduled weeks or months away and you need something now.

Future Groups:

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If you are interested in being notified about when these groups will be offered, please contact me. Include the groups you are interested in and if there are days and times that would work best for you. I can’t guarantee that I can accommodate everyone, but I will certainly consider times that people are most available.